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I’m Kerri, but everyone calls me Kez! I’ve been passionate about the art of photography for as long as I can remember.

Photography has been part of my life from a young age. In my mid twenties I managed a good old-fashion processing shop – that gave me hands-on practical experience, and, importantly I think, skills in developing before the days of digital. Then I went on to working in portrait photography where I fell in love with working with people and later put myself through college to gain a photography qualification. That helped me considerably when I put together my portfolio to gain my professional title.

I’ve been a professional photographer for over fifteen years and worked in a variety of fields, but found my talent lies in photographing people, in particular, weddings and portraits.

When I photograph at weddings, I like to capture the little details, the moments that might otherwise go unnoticed, as well as the traditional shots.

From experience I know that having a woman behind the camera helps to put the bride at ease. My soft and unobtrusive style means I can capture moments throughout the day in a natural way – from the excitement of getting ready, and through the emotional journey of her big day.

I have a male colleague working alongside me. He focuses on the groom, capturing his best moments – his vulnerability, his pride just as the bride arrives.

So if you are looking for someone who cares about the little details on your special day then look no further! Take a look at my portfolio, and hopefully you will be inspired